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“Our journey at Dua is inspired by the vision of a world where beauty knows no boundaries. We're not just redefining skincare; we're crafting an experience that celebrates your unique beauty. Through thoughtfully formulated products, we unlock your skin's potential, delivering visible results that go beyond the surface.”

Jesslyn & Nany

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Local product for skincare & body Care in Malaysia

Born in Malaysia, Dua is dedicated to redefining beauty standards by celebrating individuality through its skincare and body care range.

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Our skincare and body care solutions are designed to deliver visible results that reflect your unique beauty journey. With Dua, you can start embracing the goodness of locally crafted essentials tailored to nourish and enhance your skin!

Using Local Skincare & Body Care Products in Your Routine

Bearberry Whitening Lotion

A local favorite for daily hydration and fading hyperpigmentation.

Bearberry Whitening Mask

Enriched with vitamin C & E, this mask reduces dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Arginine Gentle Exfoliator

Buff away dead skin cells and impurities to reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion.

Willow Bark Acne & Scar Cream

Reduce imperfections and promote healing with this skin-loving cream.

Centella Soothing Lotion

Helps to reduce redness and irritation while providing hydration.

Lavandula Soothing Balm

Helps to moisturise and relieve itch or redness.

Manjakani Intimate Wash

This gentle wash helps to cleanse, refresh, and soothe without causing irritation.

Prebiotic HydraFirm V-Mask

Replenish moisture and improve elasticity of your V area.

Choosing the Best Local Brand in Malaysia

When choosing skincare and body care products, quality and authenticity are key factors to consider. Dua, a local brand in Malaysia, guarantees both while supporting local standards and values.

Try Dua - The Comprehensive Beauty Solution!

Embrace radiant skin and self-expression with Dua. Our bundle sets offer unbeatable value for your skincare and body care needs.

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FAQs about dua local skincare & body care brand malaysia

  • What sets Dua apart from other beauty brands?

    Dua celebrates individuality and redefines beauty standards with thoughtfully formulated products catering to diverse skin needs and preferences.

  • What makes Dua's skincare and body care products suitable for Asian skin?

    We incorporate ingredients that are beneficial for Asian skin types, addressing concerns such as hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, and oiliness, while promoting hydration and overall skin health.

  • How can I determine which Dua products are suitable for my skin?

    Our range of skincare and body care solutions are generally suitable for all skin types. For specific concerns, consult a healthcare professional before incorporating new products.

  • Are Dua products safe for all age groups, including children?

    The formulation is designed for teenagers and above. However, due to hormonal and lifestyle differences, it is advisable to start usage from the age of 12 and above for optimal safety and effectiveness.

  • Can I use Dua products on both my body and face?

    Dua offers a range of products including skincare and body care. However, Dua's body care products are specifically formulated for the body and are not recommended for facial use.

  • How long does it take to see results from using Dua products?

    Results may vary depending on individual skin concerns and the specific product used. We recommend incorporating all Dua products into your daily skincare routine and using them consistently as directed.

  • Can I use Dua products with other skincare brands?

    Yes, Dua products can be integrated into your existing skincare routine alongside other brands. However, for optimal results, we recommend using Dua products together as a set, as they are formulated to complement each other.

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