Product Texture and Skin Concerns

Our Manjakani Intimate Wash boasts a luxuriously smooth and creamy texture, ensuring effortless application and gentle cleansing of the intimate V area. As you massage the feminine wash onto wet skin during your shower routine, its creamy consistency effectively removes impurities and odour-causing bacteria, leaving you feeling fresh. 

This intimate wash is most beneficial for individuals with:


Dryness or discomfort




Lack of elasticity

Highlights about Our Product


No Mineral Oil


No Paraben


Gentle and Nourishing




Firms and Tightens


Washes Away Odour-Causing Bacteria


Why you'll love Manjakani Intimate Wash

Daily Revitalization

Experience the daily rejuvenation of your intimate V area, washing away odour-causing bacteria and delivering firming and tightening benefits with each use.



Fresh Confidence

Elevate your intimate hygiene with this antibacterial wash, leaving you feeling fresh, confident, and comfortable all day long.



Gentle & Nourishing

Specially designed with natural plant oil extracts, including Manjakani, this wash gently cleanses, tightens, and moisturizes, providing TLC where it matters most.


Best Choice for Feminine Care with Manjakani Intimate Wash

Anti-bacterial Feminine Wash for All Women

Manjakani Intimate Wash is the ideal choice for all women, whether married or single. Its gentle yet effective antibacterial formula ensures thorough cleansing, providing protection and freshness for intimate hygiene.



Manjakani Benefits in a Hygiene Intimate Wash

Manjakani is known for its astringent and antioxidant properties, which help to maintain pH balance, soothe irritation, and promote overall vaginal health. 



Complete Your Feminine Care Routine

Improve your feminine care regimen by incorporating Manjakani Intimate Wash into your daily routine. Formulated for gentle yet effective cleansing, it ensures comprehensive hygiene and lasting freshness.

Frequently Asked Questions